You must be wondering, why would anyone want to split the files on their PC? 

Good question....

This is in fact a very good practice for people who use the PC on a daily basis and have to deal with files with huge sizes. Ask them this question, and you will get your answer immediately!

Imagine you need to copy some important data into a CD and then you realize that your CD doesn’t have the required space! 

Or think of uploading a file of a few gigabytes of data at one go with a bad Internet connection!! Then what do you do? You can’t do anything except think of getting backup device with more space or wait for a better Internet connection. Now we have a solution for you.

File Splitter Software  
splits your larger files into smaller files for easy transfer.
The best part about this program is that once these smaller files have been transferred via diskettes or email they can again be reconstructed into one bigger file. Isn’t that amazing? You have a choice to keep the original file along with the split files and vice versa. Plus you make the final decision on how many parts you would like to divide the file into and what would be the size of the split files.

File Splitter Software is made for Windows OS. Now you don’t have to think twice before downloading those huge mp3 files or online videos. Get yourself a copy of File Splitter today!

It’s absolutely free for you to try out for 30 days. Try Before U Buy!

Hurry! Download Now!

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